Vår forskning i fagfellevurderte vitenskapelige internasjonale tidsskrifter (Open Access publications).

Changes in serum fatty acid levels during the first year after bariatric surgery
Lin et al_ObesSurg_2015.pdf
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Predictive associations between serum fatty acids and lipoproteins in healthy non-obese Norwegians: implications for cardiovascular health
Lin et al_Metabolomics_2016.pdf
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Changes in serum fatty acid and lipoprotein subclass concentrations from prepuberty to adulthood and during aging
Rajalahti et al_Metabolomics_2016a.pdf
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Serum fatty acid and lipoprotein subclass concentrations and their associations in prepubertal healthy Norwegian children
Rajalahti et al_Metabolomics_2016b.pdf
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Intensive lifestyle intervention provides rapid reduction of serum fatty acid levels in women with severe obesity without lowering omega-3 to unhealthy levels
Lin et al_ClinicalObesity_2016.pdf
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Aerobic fitness and metabolic health in children: A clinical validation of directly measured maximal oxygen consumption versus performance measures as markers of health
Aadland et al_PMedR_2017.pdf
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Number of components and prediction error in partial least squares regression determined by Monte Carlo resampling strategies
Kvalheim et al_Chemolab_2019.pdf
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